Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Next New Amsterdam Market-July 24, 2010!

Mmmmm, tarts....

On June 1, 2010 I wrote about the City of Merchants which was a fundraiser which benefited the New Amsterdam Market. Anyone that knows me knows how much I LUV this market since it supports and showcases local food artisans, farmers and producers. On the most basic level, the people at the New Amsterdam Market are trying to get enough interest so that they can take over the old abandoned Fulton Fish Market and host an indoor, year long market. Think Reading Terminal in Philadelphia. The food is fresh, delicious and reasonable. Samples are plentiful and you will always find something new! To wet your appetite I have posted some pictures from this and last year. The next one is on July 24, 2010 at Peck Slip by the Seaport and in my humble opinion, if you like food, eating or cooking, you must attend!

Fresh Pasta!



Beautiful Maple Syrup!


Artisinal Breads




Last but not least...dessert from the Bent Spoon!
Rhubard/Shiso and Mango/Blueberry Sorbet

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Devaki said...

Aaw Jeez Kat, there you go again making me jealous and completely understand why you LOVE this market.

Next time I am in NYC, take me there? :)

astrid said...

Loved the pictures in this post. Did you take them?

Fresh Local and Best said...

These pictures are stunning! We should head over to the Amsterdam market together in addition to Queens to go shopping at the Asian markets.

Liren said...

Beautiful photos!! The farmers market movement was just growing when I left NYC; the next time I come home for a visit, I should check the new markets out!